Challenging times for everybody – let`s find new opportunities and solutions together


We look back to a successful first quarter, in spite of a challenging March 2020:

- we executed more than 20 technical training events for our customers,

- we prepared and executed several live training webinars for our customers,

- we successfully repeated our daily seminar on C+I battery storage in cooperation with german solar energy society (DGS),

- we prepared and realized successfully a denersol free live webinar with much more than 100 participants and could answer a lot of questions on stationary battery storage for charging of electric vehicles

- we started promising new projects with new customers in 3 different countries,

- we grew the team and welcomed Ziad Eldoadoa and Cacilie Khevenhuller-Metsch, apart from Carla Payá Alemany and myself.


It has been a great first Quarter 2020 for denersol, in spite of the situation. Second quarter 2020 we will be even more busy, also due to actual situation.

We will go on. Working hard for an emission free energy future. And first of all, doing everything we can to support our partners and customers in these challenging times.

Corona crisis will go over – but the transition to 100 % renewable energy cannot wait.

Thanks to the great team for achieving all of this by putting their heart, soul and sweat into denersol. And giving the best every single day! Let`s find the opportunities and solutions together!

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